Commissioned Artwork

Harriet Cox has completed various commissions particularly landscapes that hold a special memory or subject matter that particularly interests the client.

The process can begin by arranging a conversation on the phone or in person to establish the subject matter, size, timescale, color pallet, atmosphere, and price. The cost is dictated to by the size of the painting and how long she feels the process will take. Clients can arrange a few visits to see how their work is progressing. Below are some examples of recent commissions.

The prices below are the prints of these commissions: The giclee limited (100) edition prints are considered one of the best ways of digitally reproducing artworks and these prints are an accurate reproduction of the original artworks. The prints are signed and numbered and unless stated the prints are the same size as the original painting. Inland UK postage will cost £20 and £30 for Wooden block framed prints.

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